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Celebrate your love in the heart of Cancun or Tulum - Mexico's blissfully romantic destinations - where you'll find settings so beautiful, amenities so luxurious, and Oasis event planners are ready to help make your dreams come true.

Nobody does it better...than you! Create your dream wedding completely your way - unique, like your story, and true like your love: this is a day unlike any other.


SYMBOLIC WEDDINGS which are neither legal nor recognized by the Secretary of the State or by the Vatican can be performed by a minister or by a party of your selection.

SAME SEX WEDDINGS are celebrated with a symbolic ceremony only.

MAYAN WEDDINGS are celebrated by an authentic Mayan priest with the traditional set up and music performed by Mayan children (Symbolic). For symbolic ceremonies, it is necessary for the Bride and Groom arrive two full days prior to the wedding date for planning purposes.

LEGAL WEDDINGS celebrated by the Justice of the Peace are official and recognized everywhere. Bride, Groom and the four (4) witnesses must arrive at the hotel four (4) full business days (Saturday, Sunday, holidays, and wedding day are not applicable) to hold a legal ceremony.

*Note, all times showing on calendar are available to hold a ceremony. Legal ceremonies are held between 10:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Saturday. Times marked as 'symbolic' are available for vow renewals, Mayan and same sex ceremonies ONLY.

Please visit the How It Works page for more information.

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